I said “yes” to Jesus

“In 1968, my twin brother Gary and I attended Young Life’s Woodleaf, not knowing that our lives would be completely transformed. We knew a little something about God as our working-class Armenian mother had dragged us to the local Episcopal Church for years. But there was something different about Woodleaf. The incredible community, the unique setting — it was clear to me that the natural surroundings were God’s “home.” Our leader, Jay, told us that Jesus wanted to have a relationship with us and be the center of our lives, and during my time under the stars I said “yes” to Jesus. Like many people, I strayed over the years, but there came a point when I knew that He had never turned His back, never left me. I have been walking with The Lord for nearly 50 years, and Woodleaf is where Christ entered my life.”

— George Arabian Current Marin County Committee Volunteer Woodleaf Camper • Summer 1968 

Still in the business...

In 1981, I went to Woodleaf and my life was CHANGED.  I met Jesus Christ in a personal way.  It was at Woodleaf that I first heard all that He had done for me, and that He wanted to be in a relationship with me.  This was monumental -- that week in Tombstone was huge and would impact the rest of my life.

The picture below was taken the next summer.  I was on Work Crew and this was from the Tableau.  In the picture was my then Area Director Jeff Vancil, and my friend, Steve Valach.  Steve went on to meet Jesus that week as well.  The memories and decisions from that summer of '82 are equally impactful!  

Since those two summers at Woodleaf I have been back countless times.... program director, speaker, and camp director.  This past summer I was an adult guest for 4 days.  I saw hundreds of kids gather for the Tableau... it made me smile.  There is a lot changed from 1982 until today... and you know what - there's a lot that is the same.

scofield picture.jpg

Woodleaf - still in the business of telling kids about Christ and helping them grow in their faith!

Eric J. Scofield
Young Life, Chief Development Officer