I said “yes” to Jesus

“In 1968, my twin brother Gary and I attended Young Life’s Woodleaf, not knowing that our lives would be completely transformed. We knew a little something about God as our working-class Armenian mother had dragged us to the local Episcopal Church for years. But there was something different about Woodleaf. The incredible community, the unique setting — it was clear to me that the natural surroundings were God’s “home.” Our leader, Jay, told us that Jesus wanted to have a relationship with us and be the center of our lives, and during my time under the stars I said “yes” to Jesus. Like many people, I strayed over the years, but there came a point when I knew that He had never turned His back, never left me. I have been walking with The Lord for nearly 50 years, and Woodleaf is where Christ entered my life.”

— George Arabian Current Marin County Committee Volunteer Woodleaf Camper • Summer 1968